Join our network for progressive health advocacy!

We are today inviting groups and national organisations from across the UK to affiliate with People’s Health Movement UK to shape our direction and strategy in the coming months. This comes with little commitment except consulting on strategy and attending

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Guest Blog: Transforming Participation in Health and Care – what should Clinical Commissioning Groups do? By Mark Gamsu

Another re-post from Mark Gamsu Professor at Leeds Met, a keen specialist in tackling health inequality, this time about how participation can be embedded in Clinical Commissioning Groups’ work. NHS England are currently coming to the end of a consultation on

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Plans for Action! – Notes from PHM-UK Summer Open Meeting June 2013

This 15th June in London representatives from various progressive health organisations & activists met to discuss forming a national People’s Health Movement circle – with the intention going forwards to garner enthusiasm and support for a vibrant and effective grassroots

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Invitation to attend an open meeting for progressive health advocates

The UK People’s Health Assembly in July 2012 ( brought campaigners, health workers and academics with a passion for health and social justice together in one forum – with an inspiring array of talks, discussion and shared visions of a

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Guest Blog: Who are the Citizen Champions for Health? Asks Mark Gamsu

Who are the Citizen Champions for Health? This blog was reposted from the blog of Mark Gamsu – Professor at Leeds Met, a keen specialist in tackling health inequality through strong citizens, local government & voluntary sector.  Here he writes about local

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The way forward post-Nottingham Health Assembly 2012

Dear friends, Just 9 months ago health activists and social justice advocates met at the Nottingham Health Assembly in solidarity with the friends in the Global People’s Health Movement – the 1st in what we see as a long line

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PHM UK Manifesto

People’s Charter for Health “Equity, ecologically-sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world – a world in which a healthy life for all is a reality; a world that respects, appreciates and celebrates

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Social Movements

Social Movements: Critical perspectives and experiences on building and sustaining them Social movements have led to dramatic changes in the society and radical shifts in policy and practice. From feminist politics to environmental justice, social movements have been pivotal in

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People-centred Health System

With the NHS under threat from privatisation, and health inequalities rising up the political agenda, now seems the perfect time to debate the form we want our health service to take – to create a health service that truly meets

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Economic Issues of Health

The economy has a profound influence on people’s health. Economic policies that prioritise equity, health and social well‐being can improve the health of the people as well as the economy. Political, financial, agricultural and industrial policies which respond primarily to

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